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Digital Signage technology


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Plug & Play

NO EFFORT. Turn on and you have already created your fantastic TV channel. When you want, you will add offers, photos, videos and anything you like.

Full stack solution

Do you want a great display? Proximity marketing tools?  Engage and entertain users? We have all this and much more solutions.

Many add-ons

We love new technologies and we’ll play to make steadily new solutions to transform a digital signage into a powerful business channel.

Beautiful contents

You know what your customers want. We make sure to present it in the most captivating way. Everyone will be amazed and attracted!

The best ROI

With any digital signage solution you can sell your products. Only with Live Signage you can earn by offering targeted spaces to local and global investors.

International XP

We boast installations in Europe and Asia, in every sector: medieval villages, tourist offices, exhibition centers, cinemas, medical centers and much more.

We created the simplest digital signage XP for you,

great for your customers

Technology + Psychology + UX design = your customers will be magically attracted to your content, increasing your sales and your reputation!

Live Signage is not a common platform for designing digital signage content. Our goal is to equip you with a fantastic TV channel without doing anything!

Our advertising management mechanisms will allow you a very high return of investment (ROI): you can hire local advertisers or accept listings from all over the world through the Live Signage network.




In-store customer experiences

Tourist city guide

Restaurant Menu Boards

Touch & interactive games

Beacon & NFC proximity tools

Mobile engagement

Hospitality & real-time infopoint

Healthcare waiting room experiences



“Live Signage creates a beautiful experience. The customer sits down and appreciates its contents, one by one.”

Luca, Milan (Italy)

“The usefulness of Live Signage is indisputable! His messages are attractive and immediate. Tourists and citizens use it naturally and we do not have to do anything to manage it: it does everything by itself.”

Gianni, Pisa (Italy)

“Live Signage attracts and welcomes customers like nothing else. Communicate very well what we want by exploiting our social networks."

Giovanni, Naples (Italy)


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