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How it works

Plug & play personal TV channel

You do not have to do anything to start using Live Signage! Our system is totally plug & play: indicate the address of your site and your social networks. And it’s done! Live Signage starts playing your TV channel by capturing photos, videos and news from the web.

Fresh & attractive content

Making your content exceptional is simple! In addition to uploading videos and images, Live Signage offers beautiful templates ready to use: sales, promotions, offers of the day, restaurant menus, maps, discount codes and much more.

Featured Ads

Digital signage is not just a tool to sell your products to customers. It can be rented from local companies or global brands. Live Signage connects advertisers with publishers: you can immediately receive purchase proposals, selecting only those appropriate to your business and your ideals.

Featured add-ons


Target your advertising and measure its effectiveness with camera  facial recognition.

Proximity marketing tools

Create engaging proximity marketing campaigns with beacons through the smartphone of your customers.

Smart touch

Attract your customers and let them play with your content, allowing interaction and finalizing orders.

Live buttons

Remember, no effort! Use Live Buttons to control your displays. Press and they change as you want!

Mobile application

If your content is attractive, you will be encouraged to take action. Associate your Live Signage with a mobile app to instantly retain your customers.

Smart planner

Coordinate your content: plan what to show according to situations, day or time.

Samsung displays

Our philosophy is to offer the best technology on the market and Samsung® is the leader in the production and distribution of digital signage solutions.

Therefore, Live Signage is a partner of Samsung® and since 2016 we distribute professional displays dedicated to digital signage.

We offer consulting to design the most appropriate solutions to your space, choosing the most suitable hardware in the Samsung Smart Signage catalogue.


We invest a lot in technology, and to make Live Signage reliable and innovative we have created a dedicated operating system, solid as Linux and light to operate on many devices.

Intel® NUCs are certified for optimal use in all environmental conditions and with any type of content (live streaming, very large video, complex content).

To allow using Live Signage in less extreme situations and with small hardware investments, we have created applications dedicated to the most common systems, such as HDMI sticks or devices based on Chrome® OS.

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